Dan Menasco, Ph.D.

Applications Chemist

Biotage LLC
Phone: 704 654 4847
Email: Dan.Menasco@biotage.com

Address: 10430 Harris Oaks Blvd., Suite-C, Charlotte, NC 28269


Dr. Menasco is currently an Applications Chemist for Biotage where he applies his 15 years of experience in bioanalytical chemistry to develop and present novel LC and GC/MS application directed toward clinical, forensic, and biopharmaceutical industries using a variety of sample prep techniques.

After he earned his ACS B.Sc. in biochemistry at the university of Southern Oregon, Dr. Menasco worked in the agricultural industry at Exelixis Plant Sciences where he performed high-throughput analyses genotyping various plant species via their terpene and alkaloid profiles by LC and GC/MS. He continued his bioanalytical work in a clinical mass spectrometry lab at Oregon Health University and at the Portland VA Medical center in Portland, Oregon where he implemented and designed assays for the isolation of various sterols and monoamine neurotransmitters for prospective clinical trials, respectively.

Dr. Menasco furthered his studies at the University of South Carolina where he earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. The emphasis of his doctoral work centered upon drug delivery and bioanalytical chemistry with regards to cancer-targeted therapeutics and ligand-targeting polymeric micelles. Through his graduate endeavors he designed and synthesized a small library of hydrophobically-tagged chemotherapeutic peptide-conjugates capable of modulating intracellular levels of human thymidylate synthase. Through the culmination of his work, he has contributed to the scientific community though chairing workshops at national conferences in addition to both contributing and publishing several peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter on topics ranging from biopharmaceutical and bioanalytical chemistry.